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Dyenamo your R&D partner for nanoscale solar energy converters 

Welcome to Dyenamo

Your partner in solar energy conversion

Dyenamo paves the way for industry and research organizations to access the latest findings in solar energy conversion by offering high-quality state-of-the-art materials and expertise, particularly in the fields of dye-sensitized solar cells and solar fuels.

The core of Dyenamo´s business is our high-quality chemical components for dye-sensitized solar cells and solar fuels. The materials can be ordered in batch sizes for research purposes to production. Our high-quality standard materials are produced in our well-equipped Swedish laboratories. Parallel to this, we coach our customers on their way to optimum device-chemistry. In addition; Dyenamo is dedicated to overcome the hurdle for dye-sensitized solar cell and solar fuel researchers to access the latest materials, by producing materials according to your requirements. Apart from materials, we provide state-of-the-art characterization equipment for dye-sensitized solar cells. Moreover, Dyenamo is exclusive European distributor of the dye-sensitized solar cell-products from Heptachroma, China.

The Dyenamo business also includes a set of services based on our expertise, such as custom characterization of dye-sensitized solar cells and components, process development, patent evaluations and technology evaluations.

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